The College of Education was well represented when Education Matters, a new television show that focuses on the state of public education in North Carolina, debuted earlier this month. Dean Mary Ann Danowitz was the opening guest along with the dean of UNC Wilmington’s College of Education, Van Dempsey. Following the deans’ discussion of North Carolina universities’ role in preparing our state’s future teachers, two products of the North Carolina teacher pipeline were interviewed–Trey Ferguson and Shemika Banuelos, both College of Education graduates. Ferguson, who received his bachelor’s degree from the College in 2014, is a math teacher at Leesville Road High School in Wake County and Banuelos, who received her master’s degree from the College in 2015, is a 1st grade teacher at Wilson’s Mills Elementary School in Johnston County.

So, how do current teachers feel about the state of the teacher pipeline in our state? What was it like to be selected as a spokesperson for all teachers? Read more to find out!

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