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When School Desegregation Mattered in Charlotte

Dorothy Counts, center, tried to desegregate Harding High School in Charlotte on Sept. 4, 1957, but met hostility from white classmates and parents. Photo Credit: UNC library collection.   By Keith Poston An edited version of this article appeared this week in...

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NC needs to stop the lollygagging and invest in teachers

There’s a scene in “Bull Durham” that features the Bulls manager throwing bats into the locker room shower and berating the team for the mortal sin of “lollygagging.” He wonders aloud, after being reminded of his team’s 8-16 record, “How did we ever win eight?” This...

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The myth of limited resources to support NC education

One of the ongoing tensions underlying much of the current debate over public education in North Carolina is the amount of money available to support our schools. Last year, with an economic recovery resulting in a $400 million surplus – the first such surplus in...

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A budget that does not prioritize education

As the NC House prepares to take its first vote today on the proposed state budget approved yesterday by the NC Senate, Keith Poston, President and Executive Director, Public School Forum of North Carolina, released the following statement: “The state budget released...

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A is for Affluent: A-F School Grading System Needs Changes

An issue brief released today by the Public School Forum of North Carolina says the current A-F School Performance Grading system only serves to label schools based on the family income  of the students served and does not provide support to help struggling schools...

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