James Ford is mentioned in the back-to-school edition of the CharlotteFive Podcast.

If you have kids, you probably think about education in Charlotte a lot. It affects where you buy a house or rent an apartment. And there are so many decisions to be made — Public or private school? What about a charter or a magnet? Is this what’s best for my child?

But if you don’t have kids, and don’t work in education — or have a family member who does — you may not care about issues surrounding education in Charlotte and around the state. But you should. Why? Ask 2014-15 N.C. Teacher of the Year James Ford.

“You should care because education impacts literally every other institution,” he said. “Every social problem I look at, I can tell you how directly or indirectly it is impacted by education.”


Photo: John D. Simmons/Charlotte Observer

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