Friday Report – December 15, 2017

This week in #nced: The Way NC Public Schools Get Money to Educate Students Could Be Changing; Class Size Requirements Could Mean Trouble, Rowan Salisbury Schools Warns

Friday Report – December 8, 2017

This week in #nced: Company Tied to Rich Donor Wants to Take Over Low-Performing NC School; Superintendent Unveils 2016-17 School Report Cards With New Features

Friday Report – December 1, 2017

This week in #nced: Will North Carolina Schools See a Fix in January for the Class Size Crisis?; Wake County Public School System Superintendent Announces Retirement

Friday Report – November 17, 2017

This week in #nced: Without Action, Class Size Mandate Threatens Pre-K in Some School Districts; State Board Asks NC Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit Against Superintendent

Friday Report – November 10, 2017

This week in #nced: Voucher School Controversy; For-Profit Virtual Charter School Seeks Blessing from State Officials Despite Poor Scores

Friday Report – September 8, 2017

This week in #nced: As Public Schools Do Without, Public Dollars Rise for Private Schools; New Principal Pay Plan Could Result in Steep Salary Reductions for Veteran Principals

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