As many elected and appointed officials have found, policymaking around education is a maze of interconnected issues ranging from financing to facilities, from mathematics to management, from technology to teachers. What we have created to help with this maze is the Forum’s Education Primer, an introduction to educational policymaking in North Carolina. It does not pretend to be exhaustive; rather,  it is an introduction to many pieces of the public school system and the education policy issues in North Carolina and the United States.

Below are downloadable PDFs for each topic in our 2016 Policymaker’s Education Primer. The Public School Forum hopes this information will be a resource for policymakers as they tackle the policy issues in the General Assembly, their local community or in their schools. For additional information or questions regarding the Primer, please contact Lauren Bock, Director of Policy and Programs at

Table of Contents


State and Local Role in Education

Federal Role in Education

School Finance

Standards and Curriculum


Student Performance


School Choice

Technology and Digital Learning

School Calendar

School Safety


Early Education

Child Wellbeing


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2016 North Carolina Policymaker’s Educational Primer

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