Consistent with the Forum’s long history of tackling the thorniest problems facing public education in our state, Study Group XVI asked the most salient question of the past 50 years: “What would it take to give every child in North Carolina the opportunity to receive a sound basic education?”

The Study Group XVI’s Committee on Racial Equity focused on seven key areas: resegregation; discipline disparities; the opportunity gap; overrepresentation of students of color in special education; access to rigorous courses and programs; diversity in teaching; and culturally responsive pedagogy. The Committee’s recommendations were published as part of the Study Group XVI Report on Expanding Educational Opportunity in October 2016.

We know that the challenges of poverty, racial isolation, and trauma are huge hurdles that require broad, systemic action. The Public School Forum has launched the NC Racial Equity Initiative to build on the work of Study Group XVI’s Committee and to raise awareness about the importance of race equity in education and drive toward eliminating the significance of race in educational outcomes.

Color of Education: An Evening with Nikole Hannah-Jones

Our 2019 full-day summit featured plenaries, workshops, and panels led by an impressive lineup of leading experts in the field. Speakers and attendees had the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions on strategies and policies for addressing racial inequities that persist within and beyond our public schools. 

Full-day tickets included access to keynote addresses by Ali Michael and Ta-Nehisi Coates. Each ticket purchased also included a free copy of Ta-Nehisis Coates’ first novel The Water Dancer.

This Initiative is supported by the Grable Foundation.

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